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Welcome to Allied Claims, your trusted partner for navigating the intricate landscape of insurance claims in the UK. Our experienced loss assessors / loss adjusters are dedicated to helping you seamlessly navigate property insurance claims, business insurance claims, and a wide array of specialized cases including escape of water insurance claims, leaking water insurance claims, fire damage insurance claims, burglary insurance claims, and subsidence insurance claims. With our in-depth expertise and thorough understanding of the UK market, we ensure that you receive the rightful compensation you deserve. From initial assessment to final settlement, we are committed to advocating for your best interests. Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation and let us guide you through your insurance claim journey. We operate in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Our 24/7 Insurance Claims Help Line is 0800 999 5679.

Why use a Loss Assessor for insurance claims?

 Allied Claims will do the following

  • Make a survey of the damage for the Insurance claim 
  • Prepare a detailed schedule of repairs to your property
  • If necessary, appoint various specialists

When to call a Loss Assessor?

Allied Claims will do the following;

  • Prepare and negotiate your claim
  • Deal directly with the insurance company and/or loss adjuster
  • Arrange any emergency work
  • Meet with the Loss Adjuster on site

Loss Assessor vs Loss Adjuster

Allied Claims will do the following;

  • Oversee the entire insurance claim project
  • Manage contractors for your insurance claim
  • Submit documents & invoices to the insurance company

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Fire Claims

Fire damage is a devastating event and the impact on your home or business can be catastrophic. In most cases, the damage is irrecoverable when it comes to one’s possessions. Fires cause damage which is not easy to identify due to heat & smoke.

Storm Damage Claims

Storms can cause homes and properties significant damage, there are times when storms can lead to one having to make substantial insurance claims as the storm causes damage to the structure and contents.

Escape of water/Flood Claims

Damage by escape of water, flood or storm must be attended to in the quickest possible time. Action must be taken in order to dry out your property in order to mitigate further long-term damage.

Subsidence Claims

Determining the cause of subsidence damage can be a lengthy process, once the cause is determined, action has to be taken to rectify the cause and following this procedure, a period of time is required to monitor the property.

Burglary/ Theft Claims

Theft is a crime that affects people in more ways than simply the cost of replacement. People feel as though their privacy has been invaded and they feel victimised. Losses of gifts and items inherited cause much pain to some people.

Commercial & Business Claims

Business interruption insurance t is designed to protect businesses against the financial loss suffered as the result of damage which prevents the business from operating normally due to damage covered by the insurance claim.

Allied Claims Is Here To Help


Managing your Home, Property or Business Insurance claim can be complicated, time consuming and intimidating. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, at a time when things are difficult anyway.

It can be a nightmare arranging all the estimates and quotations to get your home, property or business reinstated. Even when the work has begun, you still have to monitor the various contractors involved — and all this while you’re still trying to work and earn a living.

Allied Claims’ Loss Assessors will look after and manage your claim from the start. There’ll be no need for you to deal with the Insurance company, its Loss Adjuster or any of the various contractors needed to reinstated your business, property or home.

Loss Assessors work entirely for you, looking after your interests. This is in contrast to the insurance claims handlers and Loss Adjusters, who work on behalf of the Insurance company.

There are many Loss Assessors out there, so why choose Allied Claims? Unlike many, we’re not a large, corporate organisation that sees you as just “a case” or might think your claim is too small for them to bother with. We’re an intimate, human-sized company that provides the personal touch, while putting our years of insurance experience entirely at your disposal.

Allied Claims works to achieve the fairest and best settlement of your insurance claim, allowing you to reinstate your home, property or business and ensuring you receive the settlement you’re entitled to.

Landlords’ Insurance claims. When an insurance claim has to be made for fire, flood, subsidence, accidental or criminal damage to rented property, the needs of freeholders, leaseholders and tenants have to be taken into account.

In simple terms — “We take the pain out of your Insurance claim”

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