How Insurance Claims Management Services Work


how it works

We visit your property to make a survey of the damages and then prepare a detailed schedule for repairs for your insurer.

How it then Works

Once you’ve registered the insurance claim, we’ll prepare, present and negotiate your claim.

We deal directly with the insurance company and/or the loss adjuster to secure the settlement you’re entitled to for your insurance claim. We also arrange for any emergency works needed to protect your home from further damage. For example, if your property has suffered from flooding or water damage, the drying-out process needs to start as soon as possible to minimise long-term problems.

We oversee the entire insurance claim project from start to finish. This includes everything from managing the contractors to invoicing the insurance company.

Business Claims.

how it worksWhen business productivity is stopped by an unplanned event or disaster, affecting the company’s profits.

If your business has to temporarily stop trading, for instance during repairs following a fire or flood at your premises, a Business Interruption Clause can be activated. Your claim under this clause will normally cover loss of income, and also loss of certain overheads over a specified period of time.

This isn’t always as simple as it sounds, since the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster may not be using the same definitions of costs and overheads as your accountant. Because of this, we’d recommend that you consult both an accountant and an Insurance Broker when determining your level of cover for

Business Insurance Claims & Business Interruption.

Getting the right level of Business Interruption cover could mean the difference between your business surviving or going under after a disaster. It’s estimated that at least 70% of businesses that suffer a catastrophic insurance claim fold within two years, either because they have insufficient or inappropriate Business Interruption cover, or because they have none at all.

Landlords’ Insurance claims. When an insurance claim has to be made for fire, flood, subsidence, accidental or criminal damage to rented property, the needs of freeholders, leaseholders and tenants have to be taken into account.

how it works

In summary, we

  • make a survey of the damage
  • prepare a detailed schedule of repairs
  • If necessary, appoint various specialists
  • prepare, present and negotiate your claim
  • deal directly with the insurance company and/or loss adjuster
  • arrange any emergency work needed
  • oversee the entire insurance claim project
  • manage contractors
  • Submit documents & invoices to the insurance company

how it works

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