What Does a Loss Assessor Cost?

What Does a Loss Assessor Cost?

An expert service like a loss assessor, who manages your insurance claim and makes sure you get everything due to you, has got to be expensive, right? Wrong. If you take the full service from Allied Claims, it won’t cost you a penny.

There are various choices, depending on what kind of service you prefer.

A Full Service from Allied Claims

A loss assessor like Allied Claims can deal with every aspect of your claim for fire, water, criminal or accidental damage, from meeting the insurance company’s loss adjuster and arranging quotes to project managing the work and administering the invoices. If you sign a mandate at the outset of your claim to authorise this, the service is entirely free to you.

If you take this option, you won’t have a thing to do. The loss assessor will deal with all appointments, quotes and negotiations from a position of expertise in both the small print of insurance and what to look for in a good contractor. They’ll arrange everything from getting emergency work done right away to temporary relocation if you’re a business, so that you lose as little as possible. And they’ll project manage all the work that’s required, before presenting the invoices to the insurance company.

Under this option, the loss assessor takes payment from what the contractors receive, meaning you won’t pay a penny. The service is free to you.

What if You Don’t Want a Full Service?

There may be reasons you don’t want the loss assessor arranging the quotes or project managing the work. Perhaps you know a builder you trust and can get a good deal from. That’s fine, and we can still handle all the negotiations with the insurance company. We’ll work just as hard at making sure nothing owing to you slips between the fine print, but you’re free to hire who you like to carry out the repairs.

In this case, the loss assessor isn’t entitled to receive a share of the settled invoices, so you pay an agreed percentage of the final claim. Or, if you prefer, you can be invoiced at an hourly rate and receive the full claim yourself.

Which Is Better?

Allied Claims would always recommend that you take the full service. It allows us to make sure you get the best possible work done, while it’s absolutely free to you. If you have a good reason for only taking a partial service, though, you’ll still get first-class value for your money from us. Call Allied Claims now on 0800 999 5679 to discuss your claim.

Why Use a Loss Assessor?

Why Use a Loss Assessor?

If you have to make a claim on your insurance for fire, water or accidental damage, do you really need one more person to deal with? Well, that depends who it is. A loss assessor is there to take the hassle away, not add to it.

Can’t I Keep Control of My Claim?

Of course, if you prefer to keep the whole process in your own hands, that’s entirely up to you. You can control filling in endless forms. You can control phoning around endless builders or decorators to ask for quotes, and then staying in for the appointments they make. You can control meetings with the insurance company’s loss adjuster, trying to argue points on which he or she is an expert.

And, since these appointments will normally be during working hours, you can control taking all that time off work, either losing money or cutting into your holiday entitlement.

Alternatively, you can put it into the hands of an independent loss assessor, who’ll negotiate with the loss adjuster from a position of equal expertise, take full responsibility for arranging quotes, and even manage the work when it’s finally agreed. It’s up to you.

Surely I Know Best About My Claim?

You might know more about your own situation than a loss assessor, but that doesn’t mean you know more about how your claim will look to the insurance company. A reputable company won’t be setting out to cheat you, but they’re not in the business of paying money they don’t have to, and even a minor error in your claim could invalidate it.

Much like a lawyer if you have to go to court, a loss assessor is someone with at least as much technical knowledge as the people you’re dealing with, and who speaks the same language, but with it all put at your disposal. Why would you want to do without one?

What If I Can’t Afford a Loss Assessor?

If you’re making a claim, that may not be a good time to take on extra expense. The good news is that appointing a loss assessor won’t cost you a penny.* Their fee is included in the claim, so they’re paid by the insurance company when, and only when, you receive what you’re due.

So How Can I Contact Allied Claims?

You can call us on 0800 999 5679, check out our website, or watch the video above. But call as soon as you know you have a claim.

* Excludes policy excess.