Do Loss Assessors Only Take on Big Claims?

Do Loss Assessors Only Take on Big Claims?

Making an insurance claim is far easier if you use a loss assessor, who can use expert knowledge to negotiate with the insurance company and organise the best available companies to do the work. Hopefully you know that — but what if you can’t get a loss assessor?

It’s a sad fact that some loss assessors will only take on high-value claims, and you might find a relatively small claim turned down. The problem is that the amount you’re claiming may be small to the insurance industry but significant to you as the claimant, and you still need the same professional help to ensure you get it.

The Exception

Allied Claims, unlike some other loss assessors, don’t refuse cases because they don’t involve big sums. Why should we? After all, a claim for £1,000 will almost certainly involve far less work than one for £100,000. you have the peace of mind of your claim being professionally handled.

That’s not to say we’ll take on any claim we’re asked to, but that has nothing to do with the value. We’ll only turn down a claim if we don’t feel it’s in the client’s interest to pursue it.

Reasons for Not Representing Claims

There are various reasons why we might decide not to represent you in a claim. It may be that the excess on your policy is so large that it wouldn’t be worth your while to go through a claim (and perhaps risk higher premiums in future) for the sake of a tiny pay-out or none at all.

Perhaps the most common reason, though, would be if an examination of the policy showsthat, even with our help, your claim is unlikely to succeed. This would probably be because the specific damage or cause isn’t included in the policy.

It’s unlikely this is because the incident is too bizarre and unexpected to be foreseen. It normally happens when the policy has been selected on the internet, rather than using a broker. You might seem to be saving money at the time but, in our experience, using a broker to set up the policy is as vital as using a loss assessor to make the claim.

Call Us

Call Allied Claims on 0800 999 5679 if you’ve been turned down by another loss assessor on the grounds of a small claim — or, even better, call us first to save time.