How to take the hassle out of making an insurance claim for property damage

September 2015

As if suffering property damage isn’t enough, if you’ve ever had to make an insurance claim you’ll know how time-consuming and tedious it can be.  Damage to property caused by fire, water or criminal damage means you’ll have to negotiate with your insurance company and their loss adjusters.  Then, of course, there’s the need to get the damage repaired.  Seeing builders and getting quotes can often mean taking time off work to be in when contractors call.

Who will fight your corner and make sure you get everything you’re entitled to? Loss assessors (not to be confused with loss adjusters) can be appointed by you to manage your claim and ensure you get a fair settlement. And even better, their services often won’t cost you a penny!

What Does a Loss Assessor Do?

A loss assessor will survey the damage to your property and then make a claim on your behalf.  They will negotiate with your insurance company for fair compensation. Some, like Allied Building and Property Claims Management Services Ltd, will go a step further and project manage the building repairs right through to the point where your property is fully restored.

A loss assessor will:

  • Assess and quantify the damage to your property.
  • Produce reports detailing the damage in full and what needs to be done.
  • Arrange and submit as many building repair quotes as the insurance company requires.
  • Meet the insurance company’s loss adjuster and negotiate, using their full knowledge of policy cover, legal requirements and industry practice.
  • If a drying-out procedure is needed after water damage, make sure it starts as soon as possible, to prevent any further secondary damage.
  • Use experience to ensure the claim is processed as quickly as possible.
  • Project manage the repairs.
  • Submit the invoices to the insurance company on completion of the work.

Personal and Business Claims

The consequences of property damage, whether personal or business related, often require immediate action, and here the services of a Loss Assessor can be particularly valuable.

If your home has been seriously damaged by fire, flood or some other disaster, you’ll need somewhere to stay until it has been restored. A Loss Assessor can push for a quick acceptance by the insurer of liability and for the costs of alternative accommodation in accordance with the terms of your insurance policy.

A business whose premises have been hit by a disaster is losing money every day that it can’t trade. The loss assessor can push for immediate fulfilment of business interruption clauses where included in your insurance policy, including increased costs of working and temporary relocation if necessary.

There’s No Cost

A Loss Assessor like Allied Building and Property Claims Management Services Ltd will handle your claim from start to finish and project manage the repairs completely free of charge to you, the claimant. They invoice the insurance company directly when the claim is finalised. You don’t pay a penny, even in the short term.

So if you have an insurance claim for property damage in Welwyn Hatfield, contact Allied Claims on 0800 999 5679 and ask them about their free loss assessor and project management service.

Please note that your policy excess always applies.

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  1. Fantastic company to deal with. They were very helpful and sorted out my insurance claim after I had months of problems dealing with my insurance company. I highly recommend using them when you have a claim.

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