Can My Insurance Broker Help With My Claim?

Can My Insurance Broker Help With My Claim?

If you take out an insurance policy, the only person you have much contact with is the insurance broker who arranges it. So it seems to make sense, if you have to make a claim, to turn to the broker for assistance, but can the insurance broker really help?

The Insurance Broker

The short answer is yes, they can. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

An insurance broker’s role is to find you the best possible policy in a market place fraught with choices and dangers. This is a complex and highly skilled job that takes up a good deal of time, and may not leave them with the capacity to take on a different complex and highly skilled task.

Think about it. If you needed repairs or renovations for your home, would your first thought be to go back to the estate agent who arranged the sale? If they’re a good company, they might try to help, but this would probably just involve referring you to someone who’s expert at the job in hand.

And that’s exactly what your insurance broker will probably do.

The Expert

The expert your insurance broker will most likely recommend is a Loss Assessor, an independent professional whose role is to negotiate with the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster on an equal (if not greater) level of expertise. Having got you the best possible settlement for your claim, many Loss Assessors, including Allied Claims, will then project manage the entire process and bill the insurance company directly. You’ll have little to do except watch your property being restored to its appropriate state.

Insurance brokers and Loss Assessors make perfect allies. Both are there to make sure you get the best deal possible, but at different stages of the insurance process. The insurance broker does it by knowing the market place, while the Loss Assessor does it by knowing how to deal with claims and insurers.

At Allied Claims, we often work closely with the client’s insurance broker, pooling our knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for the claim.

Call Now

So the answer is yes, your insurance broker can help you with your claim — by putting you in touch with us. But you don’t have to wait for that. Call Allied Claims now and let us help you with your claim from the beginning.

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