Summer Holiday Insurance Claims on Home Policies

INsurance claims socxial media postingSocial media is one of those things we can’t seem to live with or without. It has plenty of plusses, but there are traps, such as prospective employers being able to find the photos you wish you hadn’t posted. Now, though, it’s beginning to have an effect on insurance claims, too.
Home insurance policies have always tended to include a “Reasonable Care” clause, which allows the insurance company to refuse insurance claims if your own carelessness has contributed to the incident. This has traditionally been used mainly in burglary cases where doors or windows haven’t been adequately secured.
insurance claim home policyLately, though, Insurers and Loss Adjusters have increasingly been invoking the Reasonable Care clause for burglaries that happen while the owner is away on holiday. The Insurers are checking the claimant’s social media accounts for postings about the holiday, whether announcing it in advance or posting selfies while away.
The problem with this, of course, is that anyone making such posts is advertising publicly that they’re going to be away from home. If your house is burgled after you’ve done this, there’s a good chance of your insurance claim being rejected by your Insurance company.
It isn’t just Insurers who’ve noticed the trend. Police forces all over the country are warning us to be careful not to post on social media about being away. It seems that web-savvy burglars have taken to scouring social media sites to find out which houses in their area are likely to be empty.
So be careful. If you give away too much on social media, the Insurance company could reject your claim under the Reasonable Care clause, on the basis that you haven’t been careful enough in protecting your property. Either call us on 0800 999 5679 or follow this link >>> to discuss any help you need with your claim.